ISS Food Services Launches Simply MADE Back to Work Solution


ISS Food Services has launched Simply MADE – a new take on its established MADE brand which elevates safety, health and well-being whilst exploring inventive ways to deliver engaging dining experiences in the ‘new normal’ world. 

Built on four key principles of simplicity, elegance, relevance and viability (or ‘SERV’), Simply MADE has been created to provide clients and their communities with the confidence to return to their workplace restaurants and to inspire their desire to enjoy food service experiences as part of their creative and collaborative time at work. 

Simple – Through making each element of the dining experience easy for everyone involved (from chef to guest) people will feel more confident when going for lunch. This is imperative to the success of restaurants everywhere: if people don’t feel safe, they simply won’t visit. 

Elegant – Creating excellent experiences is what ISS’ chefs do best, their passion for architecting memorable food moments needs to be nurtured and their customers must be surprised and delighted. Elegance here is about maintaining quality and empowering talent. 

Relevant – Simple doesn’t have to be basic or boring, the key is listening and responding to what customers really want to eat and getting those things spot on. Through combining customer insights and post-lockdown emerging trends, ISS’ chefs can use their knowledge to build their Simply MADE offer in a way that is going to connect with their diners, helping visitors make quick, informed decisions. 

Viable – With a challenged economy and the prospect of more uncertainty ahead, it is vital that caterers consider how they can provide value – both to clients and consumers – as well as for themselves. Smarter use of resources, better supply chain management and diner discounts are all elements of Simply MADE which contribute to a more financially sustainable service.  

Through applying these principles to everything they do, ISS has created solid foundations for a safe and enjoyable return to work. The caterers will use Simply MADE as a platform from which to evolve their offer, partnering with their clients to respond quickly to changing needs. As more people return to offices, they will introduce further, tailored service features. Should there be a need to revert to a simpler approach, Simply MADE provides the flexibility to react and adapt with speed and efficiency. 

As well as elevating safety and adopting the SERV principles, Simply MADE looks for opportunities to be better through simplicity and sharpen focus on what else is really important right now. For ISS, that’s helping people to build resilience against the virus through eating right and living well, supporting the country’s economy by working with British suppliers and protecting the planet through looking for ways to make safe food services sustainable and eco-friendly.

Mark Davies, Managing Director of ISS Food Services UK said, “Simply MADE has been created to help us and our customers overcome the challenges brought about by COVID-19 and to give all our stakeholders confidence in our service. It will help us to show that our restaurants continue to champion quality, British produce, served by passionate chefs, whilst highlighting that we also have a renewed focus on safety and value.

We want to play our part in the UK’s recovery from the virus, utilising our position as caterers to nurture people’s health and wellbeing, provide safe social places which spark happiness and productivity, champion local and British supply partners and work towards greener food services practices which support the environment.”