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Every ISS person in every customer facility is one of us – trained, equipped, motivated and working to high standards. We call the way we work ‘self-delivery’. In practice, that means empowering our nearly 500,000 people to create great experiences for you.

DK Case - Vivian Heilmann

I started my career as a butcher. I never dreamed I’d be doing what I’m doing now.”

Vivian’s story exemplifies what makes ISS special: Our people – people who go the extra mile and care about the people they support.

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People empowered to perform

When you partner with ISS, you partner with people who have been recruited and developed to have the best service mindset in the industry. Whether sharing knowledge informally, or turning local best practices into global procedures, our people are dedicated to truly caring for our customers and their people – going the extra mile to make places work better.

Self-delivery brings efficiency and quality

High standards in outsourced service depend on matching the right talent with the right development and service mindset. By looking after our own people to ensure they love working at ISS – rather than outsourcing to non-ISS teams – we can better manage risk, increase operational efficiency and transparency, and control the service quality in a workplace.

Constant learning and development counts

We believe people never stop learning. And we know that upskilled employees – whether they become more specialised or broaden their skillset – enjoy their work more and stay longer. Which is why we constantly invest in our people’s development. At every level of our organisation, our employees are given the care and attention they need to thrive in our culture – so they can make a big impact at yours.

Upskilling teams means more flexibility

By offering variety in skills-building and career development, our people become more flexible across teams. For example, through upskilling people we can offer more support during peak hours in the workplace restaurant by having a receptionist serve as a host during lunch. Or we can have a cleaner who has been trained in maintenance skills help out with basic workplace repairs. This is why customers often feel that ISS brings a “holistic” or “360-degree” approach to the workplace.

Global knowledge

Through development, our people gain the knowledge and skills they need to bring knowledge back into our global community – and back to our customers. Whatever the issue, chances are we’ve encountered it somewhere in the world and we’ve incorporated the solution into our learning and development programmes as well as our standard operating procedures.
US case - plants

Your people are enjoying great food, and you’re also making an impact in terms of sustainability, health and wellbeing.”

One of our head chefs, Matt Yuen, has introduced a more sustainable approach to food services by using more plant-based ingredients and reducing focus on animal products.

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People who make a difference

We attract people who care – with the service mindset and passion needed to make a difference for our customers. Through appreciation, recognition and development, we create a welcoming, supportive culture that embraces inclusion and diversity and empowers people to be creative, innovative and productive.

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Stories about people, places and planet



The benefits of outsourcing technical services

A multinational corporation wanted a well-trained and managed technical team that could provide an efficient and proactive maintenance solution for their US locations. By serving as the customer’s primary outsourcing partner, we were able to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

DK People - Henrik Seierø


The sustainable chef

A group of ISS chefs have been leading a quiet revolution, developing healthy, delicious and sustainable food to serve at customer restaurants across the world. One such chef is Henrik Seierø, whose sustainable meals are making employees – and the planet – healthier, one bite at a time.

HQ Back to Work


Creating a safer workplace with PURE SPACE

‘Is it safe?’ That’s the question countless employees around the world are asking themselves as they re-enter their workplaces. PURE SPACE, a new product from ISS, aims to help employees reconnect with their work environments, by ensuring a hygienic, safe place to work.


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