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Re-imagining places to work, think and give

Workplaces must evolve to help improve business performance. Whether you’re renewing vital equipment or refurbishing and reimagining workspaces, our integrated capital projects capability means smooth startup, delivery and handover. That’s because we combine project management expertise and scale with the insights we gather from delivering facility services at your locations.


The new world of work offers challenges. And massive opportunities for improvements.

Small or large? Simple or complex? We manage all types of capital projects. No matter whether you are looking to upsize, downsize, reimagine or refurbish your space, we know and understand your buildings and the space required for the functions within. That’s true whether you’re investing in your places to make them safer and more enticing for your people; upgrading systems to make them more sustainable; or rethinking your property footprint to get more output from less space.
We can help you re-imagine how your place can work, think and give.


We can work with you to reimagine environments that make it easier for your people to make the most of their time and skills. This makes sure the workplace supports your corporate reputation and efforts to attract and retain the best people.


As we monitor your assets - we can help you plan capital projects to keep places productive. That means you can stay compliant and keep downtime to a minimum, avoiding unplanned disruption.


We spearhead projects that make sites accessible and inclusive, integrating sustainable solutions into design to support your CO2 reduction targets. We create and consider the full range of users' needs, from nursing rooms to prayer spaces.

How we add value while re-imagining your place

As your placemakers, we know you like no-one else does. That’s our advantage and your benefit. Our presence in your workplace enables us to connect day-to-day operational knowledge with strategic insights and data, enabling us to provide the best solutions as to how you can get the best out of your physical spaces.


We’re capable

You will benefit from our worldwide experience in managing projects as well as our training programmes, which enables us to match our project managers’ background and experience with each assignment.

We're close

You will experience that our knowledge about your operational priorities, your assets and sites, and your people’s needs gives us a complete picture of your capital projects needs and how to deliver.  

We're flexible

You will be assured flexibility. We manage all types of capital projects and our process allow for integration with your own governance model and reporting systems. 

We're seamless

You will be guaranteed less risk of important details being lost in translation. Our capital projects and integrated facilities services teams all speak the same language, with no ‘us and them’ divide.
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We're transparent

You will get certainty on the costs of a project because we include everything required in our proposals and use an ‘open-book’ approach to costing. 

Our service

From pre-need to post completion – we are always there

We offer a holistic solution that combines the detailed insights we gather from delivering facility services at your locations with our workplace design experience and extensive knowledge with projects. This benefits you, because:

  • You get one team with aligned goals and the experience and expertise to deliver without bringing outsiders in.
  • You communicate with one point of contact – ensuring clear responsibility and simplicity.
  • You are guaranteed a speedy process, because there are no handovers between teams, we are integrated



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