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Meet our people

Our people care about the people they support, and with their own diverse backgrounds and passions, add a human touch to create places that deliver and delight.

People DK - Adela 2


Cleaning and hygiene champion

Meet Adela. She cleans Danske Bank's premises. Since the shutdown, she and her colleagues have been working continuously to comply with the guidelines from the health authorities. Read about her working day and specific initiatives to prevent Covid-19.

SG case - Gina_AR002


A passion for people

From sales in cleaning to country manager, Gina Toh has been part of the ISS Singapore growth story since joining in 2001. She exemplifies the type of career journey our people can have, taking her from roles in operations and commercial to top leadership.

DK People - Henrik Seierø


The sustainable chef

A group of ISS chefs have been leading a quiet revolution, developing healthy, delicious and sustainable food to serve at customer restaurants across the world. One such chef is Henrik Seierø, whose sustainable meals are making employees – and the planet – healthier, one bite at a time.

People -KatrineHusumJensen_1


Embracing the global mindset – and endless opportunities

“Raise your hand when something looks interesting,” says Katrine Husum Jensen, ISS’s Head of People & Culture in the Americas. “Personally, I feel humbled by the opportunity to have an impact on such a massive people company.”

People UK - Neals 5


Feeling truly supported

We believe that a diverse workforce is a happy and productive workforce, and our strong commitment to our people – and their commitment to each other – has become characteristic of our culture. This unique story from ISS UK’s Neals Coleman exemplifies what makes our people special.

DK Case - Vivian Heilmann


“I started as a butcher”

Vivian, a member of our Danish Building and Property Agency team, never dreamed of doing the important work she does today. Read about how joining ISS set her on the path to achieving her big ambitions.

US People - Xiomara Battle


Turning culinary passion into a career

There are many paths that lead us to our passions. ISS Guckenheimer Catering Sous Chef Xiomara Battle has pursued her passion and turned it into a profession, where doing her daily work feeds inspires her. This is her story.

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