International Success for ISS’s NHS partnerships in Global FM Award double

ISS’s partnerships with the NHS were recognised twice by the prestigious Global FM Awards of Excellence, with wins in the ‘Special Impact’ and ‘Technology’ categories.


Winning the newly introduced Special Impact Award for ‘demonstrating excellence during the pandemic,’ ISS’s Portering Team at Royal Derby Hospital was celebrated for its ‘exceptional resilience’ throughout the crisis, which ‘revealed the value of every team member like never before’. 

Achieving a Gold Award, ISS’s ServicePoint technology solution for better patient care impressed the judges with touchscreen issues reporting that restored thousands of nursing hours rightfully to patients.

The Global FM (GFM) Awards of Excellence were created to enable GFM Members to showcase and communicate achievements of their members to an international audience. The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) nominated both ISS entries, following successes for ISS’s Royal Derby Hospital Portering Team and ISS ServicePoint at the IWFM Impact Awards in 2021.

Notes on the winning entries:

Gold Award: ISS ServicePoint - a technology solution for better patient care

The project delivered a technological solution for improving patient care by connecting clinical teams at the touch of a button. Installing self-service touchscreen kiosks in wards and around hospitals means healthcare workers no longer have to leave patients to report facilities-related issues, giving them more time and focus on patients and enabling better care. To date, the solution has saved around 2,300 nursing hours for the UK NHS since 2019; equivalent to 1.4 full time nurses for one year.

Special Impact Award for Excellence During the Pandemic: Royal Derby Hospital Portering Team, ISS UK

The ISS Portering team provides an agile service for patients and clinical departments that ensures continual patient flow through the hospital, allowing the optimum level of bed capacity. They maintained an exceptional standard of service during the Covid-19 pandemic where the environment was extremely pressurised and, at times, scary. The diverse team has won several awards for their impact and social initiatives, and some of the porters have gone on to move into clinical support roles at the hospital using their new skills learnt as part of the ISS Portering team.

Liz Benison, CEO at ISS UK & Ireland, commented:

“I was absolutely thrilled to see our ISS teams recognised at an international level for supporting the NHS. Our placemakers at Royal Derby Hospital were on the front lines of the pandemic when it hit in 2020 and I can’t express how pleased I am that the wonderful ISS Portering Team there have received this fantastic recognition. Similarly, our ISS ServicePoint solution has provided much needed support to NHS staff and we are delighted to see it making a tangible difference to our customers and their communities.”